Secret Tips That Will Make You Guru In Chinese Birth Calendar

Chinese Birth Calendar

Is it possible to predict baby gender? With the Chinese Birth Calendar in hand, the answer is ‘Yes’. The Chinese birth chart is exhibiting an incredibly high level of accuracy (95%) when it comes to predicting baby gender. The Chinese pregnancy chart is based on the Chinese calendar and was found first in a royal … [Read More…]

Chinese Birth Chart 2013


Pregnancy is surely considered as one of the most exhilarating experiences in all women’s lifetime. Do you wonder whether a baby developing in your body is a boy or a girl? For centuries, humans are very curious about the unborn babies’ genders. Hence, there exist numerous variable myths and folklores which allude to the concept … [Read More…]

Chinese Birth Chart Gender Prediction 2013


For any expectant parent who is on a baby gender quest, Chinese Birth Chart is one of the most often-used methods of prediction. Up to now, no scientific evidence has ever been provided to prove this method’s accuracy and trustworthiness. However, a large number of prospective parents also like to take advantage of this ancient … [Read More…]